RE: Glenn's 3rd comment

From: John Burgeson (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 19:51:19 EST

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    Me: " Glenn: Having never read the book of Mormon, I'll still venture an
    > observation that we can use it as such a tool, just aswe sometimes use
    > Aeslop's fables. Or the book "Ben-Hur." Etc.

    Glenn: "Sure you can Burgy, but is that all you think the Bible is? A book
    of morals
    for good teaching? I hope it is more than that. If the Bible is merely a
    book of good morals, we might as well read The Book of Virtues instead."

    I don't believe I said that was all the Bible is. We both agree it is much
    more than that. As a
    matter of fact, I would assert that morality is not its primary teaching.
    Maybe it is my Lutheran
    upbringing (55 years ago at this point) but I'd say its primary purpose is
    to point us to the cross and to Christ.
    All the other stuff is in third place (no second place).


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