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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 17:56:44 EST

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    > Glenn also wrote: "As you notice, I have often used comparative
    > religion to
    > illustrate my points. If we can make a wonderful teaching tool out of the
    > flood, which has no connection with what really happened, then
    > why can't we
    > make such a tool
    > out of the Book of Mormon, which also never happened."
    > Glenn: Having never read the book of Mormon, I'll still venture an
    > observation that we can use it as such a tool, just aswe sometimes use
    > Aeslop's fables. Or the book "Ben-Hur." Etc.

    Sure you can Burgy, but is that all you think the Bible is? A book of morals
    for good teaching? I hope it is more than that. If the Bible is merely a
    book of good morals, we might as well read The Book of Virtues instead.


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