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    > Glenn wrote: "Liberals accept science but make the Bible little
    > more than a
    > fairy tale and conservatives make fools of themselves by denying what is
    > clearly before their eyes. It all makes one wonder if Christians
    > would know
    > the truth if it hit them in the face!"
    > As a practicing "liberal," I have to take issue with that, Glenn.
    > "little more than a fairy tale" is a phrase that predetermines the outcome
    > of your argument.

    Are these creation stories to be treated as 'liberals' treat the Bible--as
    true in a different sort of way?

    Arnhem land
    " In one version of the myth of the Wawalik sisters, the sisters, with
    their two infant children, camped by the Mirrirmina waterhole. Some of
    the older sister's menstrual blood fell into the well. Yurlunggur
    smelled the blood and crawled out of his well. He spit some well water
    into the sky and hissed to call for rain. The rains came, and the well
    water started to rise. The women hurriedly built a house and went
    inside, but Yurlunggur caused them to sleep. He swallowed them and their
    sons. Then he stood very straight and tall, reaching as high as a cloud,
    and the flood waters came as high as he did. When he fell, the waters
    receeded and there was dry ground. "[Buchler]

    Toltec (Mexico)
    " One of the _Tezcatlipocas_ (sons of the original dual god) transformed
    himself into the Sun and created the first humans to show up his
    brothers. The other gods, angry at his audacity, had Quetzalcoatl
    destroy the people, which he did with a flood. The people became fish. "

    Or are they little more than fairy tails? I strongly disagree with you that
    my appelation predetermines the outcome. So if I shouldn't be offering only
    two possiblities, tell us what is the status of these two creation

    > And not all conservatives deny the evidence.

    Name a major conservative, Christian writer who does not deny either the
    obvious age of the earth, or evolution! I would like to see you do that.

    > By polarizing the question, you make it difficult to discuss.

    The issues make discussion difficult.

    > For this "liberal," and I really don't like the label very much, the
    > "language of appearance" argument takes care of many of the apparent
    > problems.

    Burgy, if you don't like the label, don't apply it to yourself. I certainly
    didn't apply it to you. :-)

    I think it is very important that you answer the question of the
    truthfulness of the creation stories above--are they to be treated on par
    with the Biblical account or are they fairy tales, or are they real accounts
    of what happened, or are they God's revelation to man?

    Rather than 2 choices I gave you 4.


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