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From: Dan Eumurian (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 06:36:40 EST

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    FWIW, I used to have a copy of _Ancient Orient and Old Testament_, by
    Kenneth Kitchen, published probably over 20 years ago. The book used
    archaeological findings to verify scriptural accounts. One that comes to
    mind is the covenantal ceremony in Gen. 15:9ff., which was said to be
    similar to other ceremonies of that time period.

    Just my 2 cents,

    Dan Eumurian
    La Crosse, WI wrote:
    > I think the place where the rubber really meets the road in
    > the Old Testament (OT) is the issue of Moses and the Exodus.
    > If that is utter myth, I would have to say that the Bible is
    > nonsense and not worth taking seriously. The OT rests on that,
    > and it is at the core of the Jewish (and Christian) faith.
    > It is what gives us hope and faith that God really does act in
    > history, and that God treats us as moral creatures who will be
    > held accountable for our deeds --- like it or not.
    > If Adam and Eve (and Noah for that matter) are pure myth, it
    > would hardly change my life. However, I would say that starting
    > from Abraham, there should be some reason to take the historical
    > accounts more seriously. That does not come without problems, but
    > the Exodus is as central to the OT, as the resurrection is to the
    > New Testament. If Christ is really a myth, my faith is folly.
    > I would add that these non-existence claims on Moses and Christ
    > seem rather fanciful and bear a rather suspicious resemblance to
    > conspiracy theories. I am also concerned that such wishful thinking
    > is a bit wreckless because it represent just the kinds of wrongheaded
    > notions that are most likely to be seized upon and perverted by
    > people who are already predisposed to a strongly anti-Semitic position.
    > That is just what we need --- more "Mein Kampf" in this world.
    > by Grace alone do we proceed,
    > Wayne

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