Re: Archaeological fraud in Japan

Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 08:52:09 EST

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    Karl V. Evans posted:

    << Tokyo--A leading Japanese archaeologist admitted Sunday
    he lied about finding stone tools at an archaeological site
    believed to be among the world's oldest human habitations.
    At an emotional news congerence, Shinichi Fujimura confessed
    to staging the discovery. He spoke after a major newspaper
    ran three photographs on its front page Sunday, showing him
    digging holes at the site and burying the implements, which
    were rocks modified by humans for cutting or scraping. "I did
    something I shouldn't have done," said Fujimura, the vice
    chairman of the Tohuku Paleolithic Institute.

    This sounds a little like the "Piltdown man" hoax.

    Glenn has pointed out that we religious folk have problems with
    turning a blind eye to evidence which contradicts our views and
    with making lots of noise over evidence that support our view.
    I don't disaggree. However, I also see from the "piltdown man",
    this incident, that this problem is not profoundly unique to
    Christians. People who are in a big hurry to get rid of the word
    of God can also fall prey to their own follies.

    By Grace alone do we proceed,
    P.S.: As far as I know, the Charles Dawson of "Piltdown man" fame
    has no known relation to my family line. I know... fat chance....

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