Re: Adam never met Eve

Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 08:52:10 EST

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    Glenn Morton wrote (in a concluding remark):

    << Don't miss the fact that I have clearly stated that there
    is much that I believe that can't be verified in Christianity.
    Feelings can't be verified. I have experienced feelings in
    worship services and in devotions. However, shamons in New
    Guinea feel their religion every bit as intensely as any
    Christian glossalia participant. But feelings don't tell us
    which of the two religions is true----only objective data can
    do that.

    I think the place where the rubber really meets the road in
    the Old Testament (OT) is the issue of Moses and the Exodus.
    If that is utter myth, I would have to say that the Bible is
    nonsense and not worth taking seriously. The OT rests on that,
    and it is at the core of the Jewish (and Christian) faith.
    It is what gives us hope and faith that God really does act in
    history, and that God treats us as moral creatures who will be
    held accountable for our deeds --- like it or not.

    If Adam and Eve (and Noah for that matter) are pure myth, it
    would hardly change my life. However, I would say that starting
    from Abraham, there should be some reason to take the historical
    accounts more seriously. That does not come without problems, but
    the Exodus is as central to the OT, as the resurrection is to the
    New Testament. If Christ is really a myth, my faith is folly.

    I would add that these non-existence claims on Moses and Christ
    seem rather fanciful and bear a rather suspicious resemblance to
    conspiracy theories. I am also concerned that such wishful thinking
    is a bit wreckless because it represent just the kinds of wrongheaded
    notions that are most likely to be seized upon and perverted by
    people who are already predisposed to a strongly anti-Semitic position.
    That is just what we need --- more "Mein Kampf" in this world.

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

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