Archaeological fraud in Japan

Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 00:11:29 EST

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    The following short article appeared in the Nov. 6 Denver Post. I think it
    refers to the archeological site that Glenn mentioned in his Oct. 31 post to
    this list.

    Tokyo--A leading Japanese archaeologist admitted Sunday he lied about finding
    stone tools at an archaeological site believed to be among the world's oldest
    human habitations.
    At an emotional news congerence, Shinichi Fujimura confessed to staging the
    discovery. He spoke after a major newspaper ran three photographs on its
    front page Sunday, showing him digging holes at the site and burying the
    implements, which were rocks modified by humans for cutting or scraping.
    "I did something I shouldn't have done," said Fujimura, the vice chairman of
    the Tohuku Paleolithic Institute.
    Fujimura's research team on Oct. 23 announced that while excavating a site in
    Miyagi state, about 186 miles northeast of Tokyo, they had dug up several
    holes that appeared to have held pillars that supported primitive dwellings.
    But 61 of 65 stone items supposedly dug up at the site were actually from
    Fujimura's own collection of artifacts taken from earlier excavations, said
    institute chairman Toshiaki Kamata. (AP) [Denver Post, Nov.6, 2000; p.7A]

    Karl V. Evans

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