Re: new book by Michael Ruse

From: george murphy (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 07:27:05 EST

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    Inge Frette wrote:

    > Hello folks,
    > I guess most of you are familiar with the writings of
    > Michael Ruse - one prominent philosopher of biology.
    > He has just published a new book that may be of interest
    > to you.
    > It is published on Cambridge Univ. Press and is called
    > "Can a Darwinian Be a Christian : The Relationship
    > Between Science and Religion".

        I haven't read Ruse's book but would just make one point about the title
    which ought to be obvious: The question "Can a Z-ian be a Christian?",
    where Z stands for anyone or thing, must for Christians be in the negative
    if "being a Z-ian" implies the same degree of commitment to or trust in Z
    that "being a Christian" does for Christ.



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