Glenn's assertion

From: John Burgeson (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 12:41:08 EST

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    In a recent post to George Murphy, Glenn wrote:

    "Mere belief does not make something true. And without some type of
    objective verification, one is reduced to mere belief and in my opinion
    maks us no better than Buddhists, hindus, Shintos etc ..."

    This is true. But "objective verification" need not be
    evidence accessible to the scientific method. There is
    also what Michael Polyani calls "private knowledge."

    I did not become a Christian back in 1961 because I believed. I did
    not believe. I became one because (I think) I finally took the position,
    and told this position to the God I did not believe in, that I was
    WILLING to believe but that he'd have to instill that belief
    in me.

    He did. Subsequently, I have had encounters with God which,
    although none of these encounters is accessible to the scientific
    method, are objective evidence, to me at least, that Christianity
    is true.

    As for whether Gen 1-11 is history, part history or myth; taking a firm
    position on that just does not seem all that important. When we reach
    heaven, Glenn, one of the questions I surely do not expect will be asked
    of me to gain entrance is "did you believe in the global flood?"

    I noticed this week while reading Acts that Stephen, before being
    stoned by the people, reviewed the OT history for them. He started
    with Abraham, not with Adam.


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