Disrespect for Other Religious Traditions

From: Dick Fischer (dickfischer@earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 12:51:36 EST

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    Howard Van Till wrote:

    >I would suggest, however, that to treat every bit of the biblical text as
    >the direct "communication of an omnipotent God" that functions to give us
    >privileged information does invite bibliolatry and does encourage
    >disrespect for other religious traditions.

    >I would also suggest that we need to be less exclusivist and triumphalist in
    >our attitude toward other human communities and their attempts to articulate
    >their experience/concept of deity and to live a life consistent with that

    This is exactly where theistic evolution can lead us, right down the road to
    rejection of the inspired Scriptures, and toward accommodation, peaceful
    co-existence, don't rock anybody's theological boat. Is that our goal as

    Did the Apostle Paul travel from town to town respecting whatever "concept of
    deity" he found there, or did he proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, for which
    he was stoned upon occasion?

    I may agree with you, Howard, on your views of evolution and origins, but I
    proclaim the cross for which I am unashamed. And if that shows "disrespect,"
    then stone me too!

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