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Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 10:59:46 EST

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    Wayne wrote:

    >Would there actually have to be a "Garden of Eden"
    >or could it represent that idyllic memory about how
    >things were before we so thoroughly mucked them up.

    Maybe there wouldn't have to be, but there is some degree
    of likelihood there was. As I have posted before, the
    Accadian/Sumerian word for desert is "edin." Eridu was the
    home of the first king named "Alulim." And our word "arid,"
    a time-worn corruption, pertains to a desert. Naturally there
    is more, but I won't belabor that.

    Would it clear things up to differentiate between biological
    Adam (or bottleneck adam) and historical Adam, sort of
    (b)adam and (h)Adam?

    We could then posit a mutual shared common ancestor from
    whom we all are related, who may never have lived in the same
    time or place as his biological or bottleneck counterpart, and
    another man who lived far more recently, who fell from grace
    encouraged by his God-given helpmate, bringing sin into a
    heretofore sinless world.

    Incidentally, there is some evidence that Eve, or (h)Eve, was
    known to the Sumerians, or at least the legend of Eve as it
    was passed down from generation to generation.

    In the Sumerian poem "Enki and Ninhursag," one of Enki's
    sick organs was the rib. A goddess was created for healing.
    She was called "Nin-ti", the "lady of the rib." But the Sumerian
    ti also means "make live," such that the "lady of the rib, "
    through a play on words, came to be identified as the "lady
    who makes live." And Eve, who was taken from Adam's rib,
    was also the mother of life in Genesis 3:20, reflecting the
    Accadian/Sumerian roots of biblical tradition.

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