Re: Adam never met Eve

Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 11:29:25 EST

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    In regards to the issue about truth in the Bible,
    I am wondering....
    It seems like the major issue in Adam and Eve and the
    Garden of Eden is their (Adam and Eve's) rebellion
    against God. A close second (by example) is the
    responsibility and accountability that is needed in
    any close relationship with another person.

    I don't think anyone would disagree that
    sin is a clear fact of the human condition. Regardless
    of who the first sinner was --- be it homo erectus, homo
    neandertalsus (sp?), or homo sapiens --- the fact is
    that someone somewhere in the past had a relationship
    with God, and they rebelled: just as we rebel today.

    So without reading much into the account on Adam and Eve,
    I don't see any reason to dispute that some
    spiritual being (call it "homo something") existed who
    had a relationship with God, and through a variety of
    foolish decisions, they managed to sully up their
    relationship with God.

    In light of this view, the point of the Garden of
    Eden would seem more to do with that fact that
    there are usually far reaching consequences that
    come with sins we commit.

    Would there actually have to be a "Garden of Eden"
    or could it represent that idyllic memory about how
    things were before we so thoroughly mucked them up.

    by Grace alone do we proceed,

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