Is this correct ?

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Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 10:28:35 EST

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    I'll give a quote from a letter in a newspaper
    in Norway.

    "Among American scientists today there is
    a great division in the approach to the question
    about the origin of life and the complexity of nature".

    This doesn't initially seem to be a serious statement, but I
    think the meaning is that the scientists in USA
    are divided about the issue of evolution. I assume this
    since the whole letter is an anti-evolutionist argument.

    So my questions to you Americans are this.

    Are the American scientists divided in the issue of evolution ?

    Are there any statistical figures about how many scientists -
    let's say in geology, biology, paleontology or other diciplines -
    that are supportive of evolution. Evolution is here understood in
    very broad terms. I am here thinking about scientists that hold
    PhD degrees and work at accredited universities, colleges or
    research institutions. I know that scientists may disagree about
    details, but do they agree about the main aspects of the theory
    or evolution ?
    My guess is that the number of scientists supporting evolution
    is very high - maybe more than 95%. Thus I think that the statement
    in the newspaper is wrong.

    But if we take this statement from the newspaper more literal.
    Is there a great division in the approach to origins of life studies
    or the study of the complexity of nature,
    and if so - how would that count for or against evolution ?

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