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Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 09:42:56 EST

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    Hei George,

    > It's a standoff only to the extent that "For Christ's sake God
    > forgives
    >you your sins" and "You'll go to Hell if you don't earn God's acceptance" is a
    > I emphasized (below) that the heart of the Christian claim has to do
    >with "the historical
    >reality (N.B.) of the crucifixion of Jesus." Just this historical reality is
    >disputed by Muslims, something that shows their unwillingness to pursue any
    >historical investigation of religious issues. BUT - the
    >theological claim associated with the cross - that the Crucified is the Son of
    >God whose death reconciles us to God - is, like the goodness of creation, not
    >something one can verify by historical investigation.

    I am just curious. When you stress that the heart of the Christian claim
    has to do
    with the "historical reality of the crucifixion of Jesus" you didn't say
    anything about
    the resurrection of Jesus. Was that intended ? Do you see a historical
    of Jesus as essential too Christianity, or do you limit it to the
    crucifixion ? If you
    don't see a historical resurrection as essential, why don't you do that ?

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