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Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 13:39:33 EST

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    > I received this through one of my Morgan contacts. Not sure if this would
    > do much to lower energy demands, but the energy could be created
    > by nuclear
    > power. This approach would certainly lower air pollution. Safety aspects
    > would have to be addressed because we would all be driving "bombs." Mind
    > you, compressed air might be safer than gasoline in thin steel
    > (or plastic)
    > tanks or containers with compressed propane or hydrogen.

    This is a neat idea. as to hydrogen as a danger, due to the lightness of
    hydrogen, it burns up--gasoline burns down because it is heavier than air.
    I recall once someone pointed out that few actually died in the Hindenburg
    disaster because as the hydrogen burned, it moved up and away from the
    people who were trying to get out of the zepplin.

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