Re: Reasons to Believe Ministry

From: Steve Krogh (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 10:51:17 EST

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    > Hello,
    > At this year's prayer breakfast at my workplace (NASA Glenn Research
    > Center, Cleveland, OH), the guest speaker will be Mark Armstrong, a
    > volunteer with the "Reasons to Believe" apologetic ministry. According
    > announcement, Mr. Armstrong's presentation is meant to share "how the
    > sciences relate to Christianity and encourage us to approach our work
    > through the lens of faith". Is anyone at ASA familiar with the "Reasons
    > Believe" organization?
    > Thanks,
    > Dale Stalnaker

    Hi Dale,

    Reasons to Believe is lead by Dr. Hugh Ross, Ph.D., an
    astrophysicist and also a progressive creationist. His bio is at While he accepts the
    conventional ages of the creation, He does limit the capabilities of
    evolution, by suggesting the God at different periods during Earth's history
    intervened by performing specific creative acts. He has a broad definition
    of "Kind" whereby "micro-evolution" filled in the gaps.

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