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    > Question for any real population geneticists here:
    > Is it possible that something like population level selection for
    > polymorphism at these loci could throw this estimate off?

    I am not a real population geneticist but I have read one or two of them.

    Here is what 3 of them say about the speed of mutation among the MHC
    alleles. The standing assumption had been that the MHC genes mutated faster
    and thus the polymorphism arose after the speciation event. But in the late
    70's this was apparently shown to be wrong:

    "In the late 1970's Bernhard Arden, Edward K. Wakeland and Klein, all then
    working at the Max Planck Institute for Biology in Tubingen, found identical
    MHC alleles in two mouse species that had diverged two million years ago.
    This quite unexpected finding, in species whose MHC diversity at least
    matches that of humans, implied that the MHC genes did not evolve faster
    than other genes." ~ Jan Klein, Naoyuki Takahata and Francisco J. Ayala,
    "MHC Polymorphism and Human Origins," Scientific American, Dec. 1993, p. 80

    If any real population geneticists could show the above to be wrong, I would
    be delighted because it would explain a piece of data that goes directly
    against what I view as the biblical view.


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