Yuri Gugarin

From: Joel Cannon (jcannon@jcannon.washjeff.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 13:27:27 EST

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    Since I mentioned Yuri Gugarin, I should add that I think he presents
    a good paradigm for some contemporary science-based apologetics.

    Gugarin reportedly said (can anyone confirm and give me a source) after
    returning from the first manned space flight, that he knew there was
    not God because he had looked for God and not seen God while in outer

    Fortunately, no Christians that I am aware of were threatened by this
    remark. It is understood to be an absurd statement. It would have been
    comical for Christians to have felt compelled to argue something to
    the effect that God was really there and Gugarin's prejudices simply
    prevented him from seeing God or that he was not being honest. That
    would have been the only way for the Christians to appear more absurd
    than Gugarin.

    Unfortunately, I sense that the issue is precisely the same with
    rpeople such as Dawkins claims that evolution implies atheism.
    Unfortunately in this case, many Christians don't recognize the logic
    as being absurd but seem committed to the biological equivalent of
    arguing that Gugarin really did see God. In this regard, I find it
    remarkable that Phil Johnson (who is arguing the biological equivalent
    of Gugarin not seeing God) uses Gugarin as a symbol of
    evolutionists. (I believe this was in "Darwinism Defeated.")

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