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Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 18:36:56 EDT

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    What About Carl Baugh?
    A Commentary by Answers in Genesis

    Note the confusion about the plesiosaurus and the Paluxy trails.

    "Evolutionism was being destroyed by the Paluxy trail's reality, so the
    Evolutionarians had to find another excuse
    or two to deflect the rational conclusion that dinosaurs and human beings had
    been living at the same time in
    history, just as the Bible teaches. Nearly ten years after the trail's
    discovery was made public, the PBS program
    NOVA found some poor deluded "scientist" who was willing to say on the air
    that the human footprints were
    caused a dinosaur walking ON ITS HEELS! Apparently many of his colleagues
    must have had the same reaction
    because new rationalization quickly followed his pathetic comedy act. The
    latest bumbling "scientific" attempt at
    dismissing the trail's evidence is the ridiculous assertion that the prints
    were made by a "new" species of dinosaur.
    Again Evolutionism's faithful have ignored the evidence. The fossilized
    prints CLEARLY show a human foot
    structure with FIVE toes: four small toes, and the great toe. Dinosaurs have
    a total of FOUR toes! They best
    CLEARLY show the imprint of a human arch, heel and the base of the
    metatarsals (the middle bones of a foot).
    Even in the face of this overwhelming evidence, Evolutionism's "scientists"
    insist it is IMPOSSIBLE for humans
    and dinosaurs to have existed together, so the human prints MUST be dinosaur
    prints ... just ignore the five toes
    and they won't present a problem! "

    And the plesiosaurus

    "Evolutionarians say that dinosaurs are extinct with great confidence in the
    overwhelming superiority of their faith.
    The real requirements, however, for proving that dinosaurs are truly extinct
    are: (1) ignore the Japanese
    plesiosaurus and the Coelacanth, and (2) place every square inch of the earth
    under surveillance at the exact same
    moment! Then, if no dinosaurs are seen, they must be extinct. Of course, the
    Japanese plesiousaurus carcass does
    put a bit of a "kink" in their argument. "

    The plesiosaurus is now known to be a shark.

    Why is such bad science still promulgated on the web I wonder?

    It makes me sad as a scientist and a Christian to see such bad science in
    name of Christian faith. I am deeply ashamed when seeing such IMHO misguided
    mixing of science and faith, especially when the "science" is not just
    misguided but demonstrably erroneous and misleading.

    Oh yes some more dissertation work from our friend

    The Burdick print


    "here are specific reasons for placing Dr. Baugh's Doctoral Dissertation on
    our web site. The initial reason is to demonstrate the validity of his
    credentials as holding an earned Ph.D. degree which was accredited by a
    state agency. The quality of the work has been verified by various
    independent scholars. "


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