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Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 18:19:12 EDT

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    A quick search revealed the following

    His dissertation that claims against all evidence that dinosaurs were
    contemporary to man.

    Glen Rose man the museum (for a good laugh)

    Carl Baugh's claimed credentials

    What About Carl Baugh? A Commentary by Answers in Genesis

    Paluxy man tracks

    Men over ten feet tall

    A tale of two teeth
    A Tale of Two Teeth or, The Best of Teeth, the Worst of Teeth

    On the Heels of Dinosaurs Glen J. Kuban

    Lucy's knee

    Sea monster or shark

    Can you trust Carl Baugh

    Creationism and the Paluxy Controversy Wayne Spencer

    According to a letter from Carl Wieland, Managing Director of Australia's
    Creation Science Foundation to Jim Lippard dated June 22, 1994, Carl
    Baugh does not possess a degree in paleoanthropology from Clifford Wilson's
    Pacific College in Australia.

    The Newsletter of The North Texas Skeptics
     Volume 14 Number 1

    by Lenny Flank

    And a great website of resources

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