Re: CNN on Oil

From: glenn morton (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 16:28:10 EDT

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    Brent made the comment that his friends think he is a chiken little. I am in
    the oil industry, and I will tell you that I have had some discussions with
    people in the industry who don't believe this. However, what is really
    interesting is that most of those people were very new in the industry in
    the early 80's. They don't remember how little effect we had in the US at
    reversing the Hubbert decline even though we had at one time 4500 drilling
    rigs drilling.

    If you want to convince them tell them to take a look at:

    All of these sites are run by scientists, not enviro fruitcakes.


    for lots of creation/evolution information

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