Re: Philip Johnson quote, also who is Sir John Templeton

From: George Andrews Jr. (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 12:54:54 EDT

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    "Dale K. Stalnaker" wrote:

    > On another subject, I heard the name "Sir John Templeton" on the radio a
    > few days ago. This man is said to be a close associate of Billy Graham,
    > but had since left the faith because of intellectual/philosophical issues.
    > Does anyone have any other information about this man?
    > Dale Stalnaker

    John Templeton has written several books and has literally invested billions
    of dollars into issues regarding Science and Religion, etc. You can find out
    about him with a simple search on Templeton Foundation. The web page is

    Where did you here he has "left the faith". This is truly a remarkable remark!

    George A.

    George A. Andrews Jr.
    Physics/Applied Science
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