Philip Johnson quote, also who is Sir John Templeton

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Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 22:52:08 EDT

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    I just clipped the following quote from in a 1991 article about Phillip
    Johnson, author of "Darwin on Trial" and "The Wedge of Truth":

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    Is Johnson a creationist? The trial lawyer answers the question cautiously,
    demanding to define the term. "In what sense?," he asks. "The word
    'creationist' has been turned by the media into a very specialized word: it
    means a young-earth, six-day, Biblical literalist. In that sense, I'm not a
    creationist. However, the concept of creation can mean simply that we are
    here as the result of a preexisting intelligence which planned our
    existence for a purpose--whether through instantaneous creation or 4.6
    billion years of gradual development, to which you could attach the word
    'evolution.' The length of time and the nature of the mechanism is not the
    key issue. It's whether there's an intelligence and purpose behind our
    existence--or our existence is random and accidental.

    I was rather surprised that he would say that life could have gradually
    over 4.6 billion years and then say that "... the nature of the mechanism
    is not the key issue." This almost sounds like he is open to the
    possibility of Common Descent or some kind of "theistic evolution". Has he
    changed his tune since then?

    On another subject, I heard the name "Sir John Templeton" on the radio a
    few days ago. This man is said to be a close associate of Billy Graham,
    but had since left the faith because of intellectual/philosophical issues.
    Does anyone have any other information about this man?

    Dale Stalnaker

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