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From: Jack Haas (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 14:32:40 EDT

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    I want to thank the readers who took the time to evaluate the 'evolution' section of the ASA page. You comments were uniformly helpful. A number of papers from the 80s will be added to the current collection.

    I was especially pleased to receive encouragement rather that well-aimed rocks. I would ask that you continue to comment on any aspect of our page.

    If you have a moment would you let me know how our site stands up to the

                  TOP 10 web site sins?
        a.. 1. long download time
        b.. 2. multimedia overkill
        c.. 3. breaking up the screen with frames
        d.. 4. awkward navigation
        e.. 5. orphan pages that don't indicate whose site you are on
        f.. 6. 'splash' screens that exist merely to point to another web page
        g.. 7. long scrolling pages
        h.. 8. not enough of the right content, two much of the wrong stuff
        i.. 9. dead links
        j.. 10. aggressive non-stop animation
    Jack Haas

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