Oil resources on NPR

From: Joel Cannon (jcannon@jcannon.washjeff.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 08:59:21 EDT

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    To Glenn (with tongue in cheek):

    While getting dressed this morning, I was listening to a commentary on
    NPR from a person from the Manhatten Institute (author of a book whose
    title that started with "The 70's..." Someone on the list with a
    better short term memory

    I guess Glenn has his facts wrong. The speaker was arguing against
    Clinton's move to release reserves to try to control
    prices. Apparently, he chooses not to have heard of Hubbert. Said
    essentially that all the oil is out there that we need. All that is
    needed is incentive to go find it. I think he even stated that the
    United States is sitting on an ocean of oil. It did sound like this
    man lived in a wonderful Idyllic world.

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