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Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 14:24:01 EDT

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    Thanks for the link from I've worked for NASA for over
    20 years, and I'm curious to read what the author has to say about NASA's
    evil agenda and their "spiritual goals".

    One of my favorite verses out of the Bible states that "the heavens declare
    the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands" (Psalm 19,
    NIV). If this person ever looked through a telescope and considered the
    evidence for the earth's motion around the sun, which would he believe, his
    eyes or his literal, antiquated interpretation of the Bible?

    The subject of Geocentricity brings to mind an unusual interpretation of
    Genesis I heard in Sunday School in the '70's. It was invented to
    reconcile Copernicanism with the late creation of the sun and moon in
    Genesis, as well as explain the Flood.

    According to this story, the Sun and Moon were created at the same time as
    the earth (Gen. 1:1), but were not visible from the ground, since they were
    hidden behind a vapor canopy. The "greater light" and "lesser light"
    created on the 3rd day in Genesis 1:16 were not really the Sun and the
    Moon, but were actually two "luminaries" of ice orbiting the earth. These
    objects reflected light from the real sun to the earth's surface and were
    part of the "firmament", a system of icy rings encircling the earth, much
    like Saturn's rings. This explained why Genesis didn't call these objects
    the "sun" and "moon".

    The real sun and moon didn't become visible from the ground until the earth
    captured the moon from it's previous orbit around the sun. The moon's
    gravity disrupted the vapor canopy, the rings and the luminaries and made
    the orbiting ice fall to the earth, causing Noah's flood.

    Since the teacher had a PhD and taught history at a nearby college, nobody
    challenged him about it.

    Dale Stalnaker

    >Subject: Geocentrism
    > Mon, 25 Sep 2000 12:14:35 -0400
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    > Another source of geocentric views is
    > Someone cited this in the PCAnews web page debate on creation, but I am
    > not certain whether it was meant ironically ("read with discernment";
    > email address not given so I cannot ask directly). No one has followed
    > up on it in the debate. A quick glance at the home page suggested that
    > this site emphasizes how evil and unBiblical Copernicanism and its fruits
    > are rather than "scientific" arguments. It has some degree of
    > ecumenicalism, citing Apocryphal evidence and possibly the Talmud and
    > Koran too (I did not read those pages to confirm whether those citations
    > were positive or negative). It also cites other geocentrists and some
    > YEC items.
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