Re: Randomly evolved robots

Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 12:26:35 EDT

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    News flash:
    New artifacts from the Galcon period discovered
    in X5h sector.

    The first proto mpf rss 822 type dynamic processing
    system (DPS) was discovered pushing the origin of the silicon
    based life back to the Galcon period. This discovery represents
    the first actual find of the proposed proto mpf rss 822 type
    DPS to date. Of all the DPS known to scientists, this DPS is
    the most primative structural architecture.

    Scientist have proposed that the mpf rss 822 DPS had its origins
    from more primative forms of DPS systems. This latest discovery
    is certain to dispell any further appeals from the Kalikofal class
    silicon life forms who have regularly insisted that all proto mpf
    rss 822 DPS systems were created by the Gubons --- what they claim
    to be an extinct carbon based life form that once lived in the X5h
    sector of the galaxy in the pre Galcon period. No such life forms
    have ever been found in that sector, nor have any planets in that
    sector been found where there was any water on the third planet
    in any solar system.

    It has been proposed that the Kalikofal systems must be obliterated
    since they no longer can prove the existence of these Gubons and
    therefore are known to be malfunctioning with a certainty factor
    of 0.99999997. The discovery of this latest find will terminate
    any further appeals by the Kalikofal class silicon systems.
    This firmly establishes that silicon life has evolved from
    simple DPS systems and they were not created by the Gubons.

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