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Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 09:56:18 EDT

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    Working as I do with computers, and for an audioconferencing company, you
    aren't taking into account technology as a solution. Except for
    inability to cope with the concept, thre is no particular reason why I have
    to 'go
    to work' every day. I could stay home and save the entire cost of the
    Like the oil rig, this can't be for everybody, but it should (will) become
    the norm for
    many of us.

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    As a native of the UK and still a frequent visitor, I think Ted Davis
    may be a little over-enthusiasitic about the "British solution."
    Despite UK planning rules, and the undoubted benefits of preserving
    green space around developments,I have watched British roads and
    highways become the most congested in Europe over the past 25 years,
    even while gas prices were climbing to their >$4/USgall levels. The
    traffic back-ups around London can be as bad as around New York...

    Peter Vibert

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