No more oil

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 09:08:08 EDT

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    I can only echo what has already been said, with my own comments based on
    frequent business travel to the UK.

    Over there, they have very intelligent laws that do not allow people to
    build subdivisions wherever they want to. Towns must be planned and green
    space is left intentionally as farmland. Thus the nation can grow its own
    food, though it is much more densely populated than the US: the whole of
    England, Scotland, and Wales has upwards of 50M people in an area about the
    size of California.

    An additional benefit is efficiency of mass transport, on which much has
    already been said.

    The problem we Americans have is our rock-solid belief that "freedom"
    includes the "right" to build your house wherever you want, come hell or
    high water. This extreme selfishness is a deep form of sin, IMO, and we
    will pay a terrible price for this someday when the oil does run out.

    I would be unelectable in this country, for if I ran for office we'd be
    paying at least twice as much for gasoline, with the difference being a tax
    that *must* be used *only* for building rail transit systems powered by
    electricity. No more airports, no more highways, just rail. I'd want
    greatly to reduce our use of cars, esp SUVs (Sinful and Ugly Vehicles) and
    provide powerful economic incentives for people not to build more
    subdivisions and suburbs around cars, but to do what the Brits do. We'd
    still be paying a bit more than half what the Brits pay for gas on this
    proposal, but the howls would be tenfold what they hear. We're just
    gutless, as a people, on this issue.

    I just see no way to change the public mindset on this, however. When we
    run out of oil, I really do fear the worst.

    Ted Davis

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