Re: Geocentricity

From: Jim Beardsley (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 18:35:09 EDT

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    --- gordon brown <> wrote:
    > ...
    > The people in your church who believe in geocentricity
    > probably don't know enough science to understand the
    > scientific arguments and are influenced by the perceived
    > credibility of Mr. Buow.

    Does Mr. Buow's "science" also refute the authenticity and
    precision demonstrated by:
    - numerous spacecraft deployed successfully to and beyond the
    outer planets?
    - acceptably reliable heliocentric orbital models of observed
    asteroids and comets, to a limited degree over many centuries?

    With a little acceptance of the mass/gravity relationship, these
    may be easier for such people to grasp using observation
    histories and animations of accomplishments found on many
    aerospace websites.

    However, there may be more involved here than scientific
    persuasion. When the biblical basis for belief is strongly
    literal, anything perceived as contrary can feel threatening and
    thus quickly rejected without reason. Since Buow can persuade
    them with his "science", hopefully they will also understand
    enough conventional science to doubt his authority without
    doubting the Bible.

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