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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 10:16:09 EDT

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    Alan McCarrick wrote:

    << Wayne, I am partially disturbed by the sound of the first part of your
    quote. Does this accurately reflect Bonhoeffer's view of scripture - that is
    CONTAINS inspired truth that we must identify for ourselves. The evalgelical
    position is usually that "those 66 chapters" are COMPLETELY inspired. Was
    you entire quotation directly from Bonhoeffer ? Could you direct me to a
    specific location (I assume from drew from "Cost of Discipleship") >>

    I'm reflecting back on how I might apply his writing to my own
    life and discipleship, not quoting, except what is actually
    "in quotes". However, looking at it again, it looks like I
    managed to muddled it up with some of my own thoughts.

    Were you thinking that I wrote
    "we can (or should) pick and chose what we want to take as
    inspired"? This is not my point. I meant (at least) that
    we must make that commitment to rediscover anew that
    "inspiration" that is in the work. I think every generation
    has had to struggle with that same rediscovery process, and
    we must also. Much of that does require obedience, which was
    where I was trying to go with it (unsuccessfully it seems).

    Maybe that is more clear.

    By Grace alone do we proceed,


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