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From: Mccarrick Alan D CRPH (MccarrickAD@nswccd.navy.mil)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 07:45:53 EDT

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    Wayne wrote:

    >If I may reflect back on a point I borrow from Dietrich
    >Bonhoeffer on this....
    >Throughout the ages, many have had a cross that waited
    >for them, and some obeyed the call to that Freedom and
    >Grace. From the ashes of their suffering comes a little
    >(often) black book that contains 66 chapters of what they
    >came to understand of the ultimate Truth. It is our job
    >in this generation, to examine their understanding, find
    >what is "inspired" of these great writings, and re-discover
    >for ourselves that same road to Freedom and Grace anew in
    >obedience. Hence, "only he who believes is obedient, and
    >only he who is obedient believes".

    Wayne, I am partially disturbed by the sound of the first part of your quote. Does this accurately reflect Bonhoeffer's view of scripture - that is CONTAINS inspired truth that we must identify for ourselves. The evalgelical position is usually that "those 66 chapters" are COMPLETELY inspired. Was you entire quotation directly from Bonhoeffer ? Could you direct me to a specific location (I assume from drew from "Cost of Discipleship")

    Alan McCarrick

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