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     I just need to keep working on finding a way to reach the Japanese
     heart with the message that Japanese need just as much as you and me.
     That is really the most difficult matter. Asian culture is built
     around walls that must be penetrated before the heart is reached.
     Mix that with vast cultural differences, and it makes it difficult
     to share the Gospel in a way that they truly understand. Just have
     to keep on trying.
     Thanks for sharing with me.
     By Grace alone do we proceed,

    Hi Wayne. Perhaps a good place to start would be with an introduction to the
    Gospel by a Japanese Christian. "A Life of Jesus" by Shusaku Endo was
    written (as he put it) "for the benefit of Japanese readers who have no
    Christian tradition of their own and who know almost nothing about Jesus".
    As far as I know the book is still in print in an English translation; I have
    no idea if the original Japanese edition is still available.
    By the way, Endo's novels are quite good, especially "The Samurai" and

    Karl V. Evans

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