Re: The mind/brain and revelation

Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 13:42:23 EDT

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    Dave Siemens wrote:

    > Acts 9:7 says those with Saul heard a voice. So,
    > if it was all in Saul's head, it was also in the
    > heads of those accompanying him.

    I think it is very important to understand what is
    a revelation from God, and I yield to the theologian
    and philosopher on these finer points. There are
    clearly differences between eastern mysticism and
    the Christian view for example.

    However, for us less folk, may I suggest something...

    What is unassailably "True", is in fact True, irrespective
    of the means or process that brought about the discovery
    of that Truth. We may not be capable of "proving" what is
    the ultimate reality, but we still may just be able to
    discover what is True about it.

    If I may reflect back on a point I borrow from Dietrich
    Bonhoeffer on this....
    Throughout the ages, many have had a cross that waited
    for them, and some obeyed the call to that Freedom and
    Grace. From the ashes of their suffering comes a little
    (often) black book that contains 66 chapters of what they
    came to understand of the ultimate Truth. It is our job
    in this generation, to examine their understanding, find
    what is "inspired" of these great writings, and re-discover
    for ourselves that same road to Freedom and Grace anew in
    obedience. Hence, "only he who believes is obedient, and
    only he who is obedient believes".
    and by Grace alone do we proceed,

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