RE: atheism vs theism

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 15:58:35 EDT

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    Hello Steve,

    You wrote:

    <<< In the final analysis the belief or disbelief in God is a
    matter of faith. For those who are open to the sacred in life, they may
    without hard proof choose to believe in God or not.>>>

    This raises an interesting question about why we adhere to the
    presuppositions that we have and not others. If it is a matter of faith,
    then what is it that makes a person choose one set of presuppositions over
    another? I even wonder if we really make conscious decisions over the
    presuppositions that we have, or were these so subtly instilled in us
    through our upbringing that we (in general) are not aware of the influences
    that led to where we are today?


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