Re: atheism vs theism

Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 11:24:15 EDT

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    Ted Davis wrote:

    << In any case I'm more concerned about
     truth than about winning an argument." >>


    One of the things that sometimes turned Christians
    into athiests is that they get caught up in the game
    of *winning* debates with the big bad atheist.
    It becomes like a good game of chess, and sometimes
    you can outwit your opponent if you play the game well.
    However, in the processes, you realizes that you have
    won only because you have outwitted your opponent, and
    not necessarily because you have any real faith that
    what you are saying is actually true. We all have
    swords, but for every argument we carry, we know there
    are counter arguments, and we can just be gambling that
    our opponent isn't clever enough for us.

    So if I have any advice to give, I would say don't go
    to win, go to strengthen your faith. If God thought the
    right way to bring people faith was to send out 12 legions
    of angels, do you think God wouldn't do it? Yes, the
    fundamentalist atheist would be very impressed --- just
    as the Jews were so profoundly convinced when they
    saw the Red Sea part for themselves.
    It is the meek, the poor in spirit, the merciful, the pure
    in heart.... These are what win in the kingdom of God.

    And it is by Grace alone that we become meek, poor in spirit,
    merciful, pure in heart.... and suitable for becoming a
    participant in God's economy.


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