Re: atheism vs theism

From: George Andrews Jr. (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 01:23:56 EDT

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    Hi Adreian:

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    vs theism and ARE's"

    Georg A.

    Adrian Teo wrote:

    > George wrote:
    > >Well, OK but ..... I think the recent experiments subjecting human brains
    > to
    > >electrical stimulation which thereby produces "religious like" effects in
    > the
    > >patient is pretty strong support for the atheistic side and needs to "keep
    > in
    > >mind" :-)
    > Hello George,
    > Something you wrote caught my attention.
    > I disagree that this is strong support for the atheist/materialist. Consider
    > the following:
    > I see a chair in front of me, and any reliable measure of brain activity
    > will capture that. Does that mean that since "it is in my brain", therefore
    > the chair does not exist? Alternatively, if one were to stimulate the
    > appropriate areas in my brain so as to give rise to the memory of a chair in
    > my consciousness, does it necessarily imply that "it is all in my brain" and
    > therefore, again, chairs do not exist (or that chair never existed)?
    > Adrian.

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