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From: Bjoern Moeller (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 13:51:51 EDT

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    From a seminar at grad school I attend now called
    "Epistemology and Religion", I have learnt this
    thoughtful insight from the instructor Dr. Paul Moser
    (this is only an incomplete abstract of his thought):

    Atheism is not only an issue of lack of empirical
    evidence of God, strict arguments disclaiming the
    existence of God, science not apprehending God etc.

    Atheism is also a volitional issue, a fact which is
    not very often debated in philosophy, theology or
    natural science. Whether you believe in God or not has
    to do with your will to believe in God. Seemingly this
    is a simplification of a complex matter, but that is
    exactly what Moser is at. It is an assumption of
    theism that, at least, the atheist (or anyone else)
    could want to believe in God. If he doesn't, and never
    will want to believe in God, he would probably kill
    himself if he met God, or if sufficient evidence for
    God's existence was provided (as one Moser's atheist
    friend's claimed).

    I find this idea very compelling, for if it is true, a
    lot of people probably aren't atheists after all.

    Now, remember that this is not an accurate account of
    Moser's idea, but it is sketchy outline.

    Bjorn Moller
    Grad student of philosophy
    Loyola University, Chicago


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