RE: atheism vs theism

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 13:47:42 EDT

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    George wrote:

    >Well, OK but ..... I think the recent experiments subjecting human brains
    >electrical stimulation which thereby produces "religious like" effects in
    >patient is pretty strong support for the atheistic side and needs to "keep
    >mind" :-)

    Hello George,

    Something you wrote caught my attention.

    I disagree that this is strong support for the atheist/materialist. Consider
    the following:
    I see a chair in front of me, and any reliable measure of brain activity
    will capture that. Does that mean that since "it is in my brain", therefore
    the chair does not exist? Alternatively, if one were to stimulate the
    appropriate areas in my brain so as to give rise to the memory of a chair in
    my consciousness, does it necessarily imply that "it is all in my brain" and
    therefore, again, chairs do not exist (or that chair never existed)?


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