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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 11:26:39 EDT

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    What are you supposed to debate? Seems to me there is a wide range of
    topics that theists and atheists could debate.

    If the debate deals with the existence of a Supreme Being, I would think
    that the universe is a clear indication of the existence of an entity that
    created it and that is outside the universe. Both theists and atheists have
    to address the existence of the universe. A theist would argue for a deity
    who is outside time and space, i.o.w., who is eternal. An atheist denies
    the existence of a Supreme Being which leaves him/her with the unenviable
    task to explain how the universe was created.

    Having established that there must have been some creative activity to
    create the universe, the next question is, how do we know. There are, IMHO,
    two possible options here: either we have figured this out on our own, or
    Somebody told us. As Christians, we believe the latter and the evidence we
    have is the Word of God as spoken through the prophets and revealed by Jesus

    Maybe this is a bit too simplistic but, then again, I am not a philosopher.

    Chuck Vandergraaf
    Pinawa, MB

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    I was asked by the Philosophy and Religion student organization on campus if
    I wanted to "debate" a professor of their department who is an atheist---I
    am supposed to represent the theistic point of view. I have accepted. Any
    comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Moorad

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