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Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 01:35:34 EDT

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    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Greetings from Tpage!

    Come to Tpage! You will be able to meet over 1,200,000 of buyers and sellers!

    e are writing to inform you about provides value-added services to global companies enabling them to promote and develop trade in the B2B International Market.

    page is a B2B Portal with the most powerful company directory and trade leads search engine in the industry. What this means for global traders, like yourself, is that Tpage is the single most comprehensive source to find and post trade leads, research markets and competitors and obtain a global presence for your business on the Internet. Tpage offers a full battery of tools custom tailored to make trading simplified and more efficient.

    We invite you to visit Tpage to join our free membership. This will allow you to have free access to the 1.2 million of company directory information and more than 5oo daily updated trade offers as well as other useful services to simplify your trading experience.

    Listed below are some of our services:
    • Tpage Company Directory: The Tpage Company Directory has over 1,200,000 registered companies. It is designed to allow users to find Companies according to company name or industry sector. Each entry in our Company Directory has a brief company description, contact and in many cases a link to a company homepage. Sign Up!
    • Tsearch: Tpage's own proprietary B2B World Trade Search Engine allows search capabilities from the Tpage Company Directory, Tpage offer board, and Tpage Expo. The search engine also provides the ability to search information from other major sources and bulletin boards. The search engine is designed to find items, companies, offers to sell and offers to buy, by using keywords. Advanced Search capability is also built into this feature. Sign Up!
    • Tpost: Tpage's auto multi-posting system enables simultaneous posting to other major trade sites and bulletins. This takes the offer, which a trader has posted on our site, and optimizes exposure by placing it on numerous other trade bulletins. The task requires one simple posting on the Tpage site. Sign Up!
    • Tpage Offer Board: The Tpage offer board allows users to post and browse trade leads. The Tpage Offer Board features our own listings. It is also sub-divided into categories where a company can easily access the trade leads for their convenience. More than 500 offers are listed daily. Sign Up!
    • Tpage Showroom: The Showroom is a collaboration of corporate profiles highlighting corporate vision, contact information and the ability to paste image files of their products. The company creates their own Tpage Showroom by using a program that was developed In-house. Sign Up!
    • Tpage Business Community: Designed to bring business people together from all areas to share and discuss business issues. The Business Community includes a Business Talk-Questions & Answers section, Discussion Forum, an Online Magazine section, online Associations and a Classifieds Section. Sign Up!
    Tpage will be a powerful tool for your business. 30 minutes at will show you the unique world of on-line B2B International Trade.
    Register for Free!!! (
    Thank you.

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