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From: george murphy (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 21:12:09 EDT

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    David F Siemens wrote:

    > On Wed, 06 Sep 2000 21:55:10 -0400 Dick Fischer
    > <> writes:in part:
    > I harbor a strange idea that reincarnation is part of the
    > grand scheme. Are you old enough to remember Bridey
    > Murphy? If you take the remark that you "must be born
    > again" literally - then there you are, my deceased, agnostic
    > father gets a second chance. And that also would be
    > good.***This new version of Juno doesn't mark the old and
    > allow me to slip new material in. So I'm starring the new.
    > Reincarnation seems to me to be absolutely proscribed by
    > Hebrews 9:27: " is destined to doe once, and after
    > that to face judgment,..." I recall Bridey Murphy and have
    > heard of a lot of others who claim to remember a former
    > life. However, closer examination seems to debunk the
    > claims. Somehow, most of them "recall" living as princes,
    > princesses, nobles, etc., of whom there were few and not as
    > peasants, serfs or slaves, of whom there were many.***
            The basic problem with reincarnation is its implication that the
    "real me" is separable from my
    body, & in fact can inhabit various bodies without being identified with
    any one of them. & its a small step from that to saying that bodies, &
    the physical world in general, aren't too important. That was OK for
    Plato (or for Augustine in his heavily Platonic phase - "our real selves
    are not bodies" - though I'm not sure he ever got over this entirely)
    but doesn't mesh very well with Christian concepts of creation &
    Murphy - no relation to Bridey

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