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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 19:47:47 EDT

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    > >>I don't know if they maintain the name, but at one time there was a
    > Unitarian-Universalist Church. My recollection is that it was an
    > of two groups with the separate names. >>
    > Yes, the Unitarians (i.e., no trinity) and the Universalists joined some
    > time ago.

    We're off topic, but it was my impression that Unitarian in this context
    referred not to rejection of the Trinity but to something like "the essential
    unity of all religions" (all paths being equally valid, etc.). Can somebody
    out there settle this?
    I'm not used to disagreeing with David on this list ... :-)
    > What do you get if you cross a Unitarian Universalist with a Jehovah's
    > Witness? Someone who goes around knocking on doors for no apparent reason.

    Did you hear about the new Unitarian-Universalist branch of the Ku Klux Klan?
     They are going to go around burning question marks on people's lawns.

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