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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 17:36:11 EDT

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    On Wed, 06 Sep 2000 21:55:10 -0400 Dick Fischer
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    I harbor a strange idea that reincarnation is part of the grand scheme.
    Are you old enough to remember Bridey Murphy? If you take the remark
    that you "must be born again" literally - then there you are, my
    deceased, agnostic father gets a second chance. And that also would be

    ***This new version of Juno doesn't mark the old and allow me to slip new
    material in. So I'm starring the new. Reincarnation seems to me to be
    absolutely proscribed by Hebrews 9:27: " is destined to doe once,
    and after that to face judgment,..."

    I recall Bridey Murphy and have heard of a lot of others who claim to
    remember a former life. However, closer examination seems to debunk the
    claims. Somehow, most of them "recall" living as princes, princesses,
    nobles, etc., of whom there were few and not as peasants, serfs or
    slaves, of whom there were many.***

    My hesitation comes from giving what could be false hope. If Christ is
    "the way" then there should be no other way. If there is another way,
    Scripture surely doesn't spell out many alternatives. I think I would
    prefer to err on the side of safety. If eternal damnation is as bad as
    Scripture implies, "darkness," "fire and brimstone," "wailing and
    gnashing of teeth," I certainly wouldn't want to be one who says, "Oh, it
    won't be that bad." That's all I would need: tortured souls in hell
    blaming me for leading them to believe it wouldn't be any worse than a
    few weeks in federal prison watching TV.

    ***Where is there false hope? It may not be that bad for those who did
    not hear the gospel, but I see no suggestion that it won't be bad beyond
    our imagination for those who heard and rejected. You keep trying to
    shift the application from one group to the other--unless you throw in
    metempsychosis, which has pagan roots.
    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    "The answer we should have known about 150 years ago."

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