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Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 22:51:04 EDT

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    I just read with interest much of the book the God of Miracle by Jack
    Collins. The book seems to be well read, written and researched. I
    found his definitions of positions take vis a vis God and creation and
    reasonable categorization. I think he is a supernaturalist. By his
    definition I would be more of an occassionalist although I am not sure I
    fit well into his definitions.

    In any case I am planning on annotating it for a bibliography on science
    and Christianity that I use for my classes (if any you are interested
    in seeing it do let me know). I know his position in Old Testament at a
    good seminary, Covenant Seminary but I don't have a feel for his
    academic reputation. Also if anyone has any feedback on the book, The
    God of Miracles, I would appreciate your opinions. I know he leans a bit
    toward ID, but that is fairly obvious in the book.

    Unless the comments are of general interest to the group, why don't you
    send me private e-mail to my home address.


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