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Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 19:11:11 EDT

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    This is good to know. The excerpt from Genie's article quoted in _AFT On
    Campus_, however, made no mention of the limitations or qualifications
    to which you refer. The message that the AFT readers are being given
    seems to be that there are two sides to the issue: reasonable
    evolutionary scientists vs. creationists of any sort, with only YEC and
    IDC being mentioned.

    I am more than willing to step aside, but I would encourage someone more
    qualified would like to respond to the article. I haven't read the
    original article in _Science_, and my field is theology. Yet it bothers
    me to see the omission of any but the above three viewpoints. Was the
    excerpt taken out of context, or did Ms. Scott fail to present a
    complete picture?

    The American Federation of Teachers' website is, or on AOL,
    keyword AFT. I pass the torch. BTW, I'm contacting Dick Fischer to
    obtain a copy of his book. Thanks to both of you for your replies.

    Dan Eumurian

    Keith B Miller wrote: [snip]
    > But it
    > seems that you may be misunderstanding Genie's position. I have had a fair
    > amount of dialog with her and she is quite firm in emphasizing that it is
    > inappropriate to extend evolutionary science beyond it methodologic
    > limitations in the name of science. That is, any attempt to use evolution
    > to promote a non-theistic position or to argue for a particular political
    > or social agenda is stepping outside the bounds of science.
    > She has emphasized that science is defined by a particular methodology
    > which is limited in the type of questions that it can address. She
    > strongly argues that extrapolations of evolutionary concepts outside the
    > methodological limits of science are not appropriate in the sience
    > classroom. Science should not be presented in a way that opposes or
    > belittles religious belief.
    > Similarly, she argues that ID arguments fail as scientific proposals. I
    > certainly agree with her here.
    > Keith
    > Keith B. Miller
    > Department of Geology
    > Kansas State University
    > Manhattan, KS 66506

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