Re: If having the faith of a child is a pop quiz... finally!! one i can pass!!!

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 14:24:56 EDT

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    Ryan Rasmussen wrote:

    >But my question is how to I get past my unanswered questions so that I can
    >confidently proclaim with utter certaincy that... "I don't know why, but I
    >know that I know this is the Truth."

    Scientific methods work on all sorts of questions - even those on
    theological matters. I believe the truth is most likely to reside with
    supporting data and evidence, and least likely to abide in defiance of
    counter data and evidence. We may never know the "truth" with absolute
    certainty, but I think we can be comfortable when we place our faith in
    what we can substantiate.

    Sixteen years ago I thought that the human race could be traced to the
    eight ark survivors. After 12 years of inquiry, I found this thesis was
    undefendable in light of the data and evidence supporting a flood local to
    southern Mesopotamia, approximately five thousand years ago - too isolated
    and recent to have impacted the entire human race, but certainly
    significant to members of the Jewish race. So I changed what I considered
    to be true.

    My faith lies in what I can support. And I submit that all Christian
    doctrine can be put to the test without sacrificing any of the
    essentials. When the doubting Thomas asked for proof, he was given it. I
    am convinced that if we need proof, and seek it with an innocent heart we
    will find it. Certainly we now have the tools.

    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    "The answer we should have known about 150 years ago."

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