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Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 11:10:09 EDT

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    Dear list,

    Living in Japan, where less than 1% of the people are Christian,
    about 70% Buddhist, and the rest a variety of "other", I am
    occasionally confronted with the question of salvation for
    folk who follow these other religions.

    I am fully aware of the party line on this matter, but with
    my scientific training, such simple (at least seemingly)
    political answers seem out of place and dogmatic to me.

    I am quite sure that Jesus is the "best way", and I can wiggle
    through an answer such as "Jesus is the only way that people
    ultimately gain salvation" with some vague suggestion that
    perhaps only those who have made an outright decision to
    reject the Lord and have taken an active role to live out a
    life of rebellion against God are in serious danger of completely
    crossing the lines of Grace, but frankly, I don't really know
    enough on the theological matters are on this subject.

    It is really hard for me to think of people I know and care
    about here in Japan, and some of my Chinese friends for that matter,
    being on the direct highway to Hell simply because they were exposed
    to a different culture, different views, and a different but clearly
    comparable set of standards.

    Does anyone have some suggestions on intelligent things to
    say in regards to these difficult theological (actually
    eschatological) matters?

    one tiny Christian living in a big Buddhist country
    By faith in Christ we are saved, and by Grace, we proceed,


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