Census of Quirinius

From: PHSEELY@aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 01:53:37 EDT

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    A while back someone raised the question about the historicity of the census
    of Quirnius in Luke 2:2. Many scholars have rejected Luke's statement as
    erroneous. I found a fairly impressive answer today in an article by Brook W.
    R. Pearson, "The Lucan Censuses, Revisited," Catholic Biblical Quarterly 61
    (1999) 262-282. I also found some good data in John Nolland's Word Biblical
    Commentary, Luke 1-9:20 (1989) pp. 99-102. There is also an excursus on the
    census in Darrell Bock's commentary on Luke (Baker, 1994) pp. 903-909.

    I offer this note for those interested in finding good data on the question.
    For those looking for the quick answer: Pearson provided considerable data
    supporting the idea that the Greek word "first" in Luke 2:2 should be
    translated "before." This solution is not new, but Pearson provided new
    reasons for accepting it.


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