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Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 09:09:10 EDT

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    Robert Dehaan wrote:

    << The objection to all such mechanism is that they comprise what Walter
     calls a smorgasbord of explanations, from which one selects the one that
     seems most plausible. Are you really satisfied that after you list all
     possible mechanisms, plus the etc., that you really know anything more than
     you knew before? These are really only hypotheses at best that still need
     be tested. Just listing them is no more than the first step, like
     brainstorming. How does one test them?

    Yes, it there is always a hundred more experiments that really should be
    done, a thousand more books that should be read thoroughly, ten thousand
    papers that should have been read ten years ago. I cannot deny that the level
    of experments are still quite primative, but there has been some fairly
    nice work that has accumulated over the years. At least some folk working
    in these areas are realists about the implications and limitations of their
    work and they confess their uncertainties.

    At least consider a few authors who have written thoughtful books
    on the subject matter like say

    Wen-Hsiung Li, Molecular Evolution, Sinauer Assoc, 1997.

    Mikhail V. Volkenstein, Physical Approaches to Biological Evolution.
    Springer-Verlag, 1994.

    I felt at least these works were thoughtful, realistic (not overstepping
    the bounds of reason), and refraining from large execesses in profane
    bombast and patronizing arrogance.

    Perhaps you might just give them a chance. You don't have to agree
    with everything they say, but I think you would find that it's not
    just blather on the page either.

    There is nothing wrong with ID or even creationism as such. In the
    end, we don't know what is really going on out there until our name
    is called and we are no more. Then there is no going back, so it
    is best to fathom that in this life. At the same time though, we must
    have faith that God is not such a wimp, that a deeper, unfathomable,
    and profoundly awesome God cannot be found simply because some atheist
    with a problem claims that evolution proves God is a wimp. We all
    have to stand and give an account and our Lord gets the last laugh
    no matter how we play our cards.

    Our faith is in the things that last, not in the pety bickering of
    the present age. Lets not forget that.

    By Grace, and only Grace are we truly free, and it it by Grace
    we move forward.

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